I'm Online, Therefore I am

"Bangun tidur ku terus mandi, tidak lupa menggosok gigi, habis mandi ku tolong Ibu, membersihkan tempat tidurku” ("wake up and take a shower, don't forget to brush teeth, after shower I help mommy, cleaning up my bed")

Where do you think the song’s gone? Technology ground it into pieces.

Last week in the middle of a hollow phase of my weekend life, We—me and some friends—threw a so called party. Well, it wasn’t really a party, but let me call it that way, for life sake.

Nothing unusual happened; everybody sat calmly in the café, Facing our own gadgets, connected to a free wi fi. Silent revolution was started. Smiling and giggling, nobody talked. Thankfully we spoke finally, on Facebook. Nothing unusual, right?

We all were there, surrounding the same desk, and chose to meet on Facebook. Once in a while, a tissue paper ball flew from one side to another, when someone pulled other’s legs. Oh my.

Clock was ticking, night was too old for cute girls like my friends to go back to their homes. They decided to stay over the night in my house. After a lil chitchatting, we fell asleep. Coffee can’t beat us.

Early morning, I opened my eyes, in auto pilot mode, my hand scanned the cot trying to grab phone, blinked my eyes couple times and checked inbox. Like always, it was alive. I smiled and started typing to reply some messages.

Realizing that I slept with two other girls, I turned head to the right and left. Both were awake, holding their phones, smiling and typing. For the next half an hour, nobody jumped off bed.

I opened Facebook before getting up, all the girls’ status messages were updated.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I enjoy whatever the tech does to me. At least so far I do. I don’t like the song that much either.

*Remembering a friend of friend’s quote: Taggito Ergo Sum – I am tagged, therefore I am*

“Bangun tidur ku terus online, tidak lupa meng-update status…” ("wake up and go online, don't forget to update status...")

BSD, 21 Jan '10

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