Uh Baby, It’s the Way You Wrap It!

Few weeks ago, I went to a client’s office (and got a pleasing entertainment watching how the front office girls behaved –yelling, making noises, talking dirty, you name it—in front of us, their guests) without any food in my stomach. Right after the meeting, I and a colleague ran to the nearest food stall area to rescue ourselves from fainting. There, something tickled my eyes (yes, they are tickle-able).

One thing I hate about food stall areas is street musicians (and beggars, but here, I didn’t find any). I do love music, too much in love with it, so when I listen to a wrecked version of it, I am hurt, I mean, my ears are. And most of those street musicians are just too proud of their unmelodious music style; so they tend to scream to make everybody hears them. Well of course I am exaggerating, but please let me enjoy this.


As predicted, a street musician came closer with his old guitar and his old styled pants. He stopped in front of a small group of girls sitting next to us. He smiled at them when I was getting ready to lose my appetite. Instead of picking his guitar strings, he spoke to them, “Excuse me, may I sing here?” The girls nodded, and he played his music. Meanwhile, my brain was hit big time. Oh my, he asked for permission?

After a five minutes long plain Indonesian song, he walked toward us and smiled again. “Excuse me, may I sing here?” For the first time in my life, I was holding the reward money for the marketer (correct, you didn’t miss-read it; marketer), even before he started singing.

Can’t you see it? Asking permission with a smile attached will prevent you from saying no. Even if you’re boorish enough to say it, he wouldn’t have to waste energy to do anything but smiling. After a yes, do you think you will let him go empty handed? :)

“Uuuu baby I love your way, every day… I wanna tell you I love your way… every day… I wanna be with you night and day… hey yaeya…”

-written in a luxury car belongs to a luxury friend-
February, 2010

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