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Soul's traveling
To the unknown deserts
8000 km away from the forest

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The End

Like we promised to the king of forests, thirty six years ago
When the spirits were tied in one nirvana
After the vow, the wanderers climbed the cliffs
Dipped in deeply to the dark oceans
Crawled endlessly in the rainless deserts
Lost in a grey wired robot plantations

Like we promised to the queen of volcanoes, thirty one years ago
Once the moon gripped the core of the Earth
The adventurers took the jagged steps in rush
Created the distance, brick by brick
Broke down the concrete wide bridge between East and West
Built up the fence sky high

Like we promised to our own souls….
We found the place to store the thoughts
The yellow colored home with Italian kitchen
Sugarless coffee and spicy salad
Tasteless lemon juice and beef lasagna

We are bleeding, slashed and chopped
The wind found your smell inside my lung
The waves saw my reflection behind your pupils

In a shallow deep of field
...We are home

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