Early Morning Rhythm

Woman: Hi, how are you, love?
Strawberry Farm: Hi, who are you?
Woman: I'm your mother, why in the world did you ask that question? [she mumbled- calming down her confusion]
Strawberry Farm: My mistake, I shouldn't have asked, of course I know who you are.. Ms. Serial Killer.
Woman: I.. Who?? What's this all about? [she opened her sunglasses and stepped closer to it]
Strawberry Farm: You know what it's all about.. Read my mouth carefully; A mother doesn't kill her child!
Woman: [gasped] My Center of the World.. Look, if it's about what I'm thinking,you have to listen to me.. I have a -thousand and seven- reasons for the plan I've told you about..
Strawberry Farm: And what's that? And before you answer, let me tell you that killing's illegal! No matter what the reason is. You'll be trapped in a dark moist stinky jail soon!
Woman: I'll take that risk. Now, My Precious, let me remind you, I am real, with these
feelings and truths. I have to survive. No choice, My Serene Morning. Besides, you'd only exist in the future, if I have enough water to grow you up, enough patience to nurture you and enough guts to let myself die on your leaves. My Child, ... You're not real, I am.
Strawberry Farm: You will be sorry for this... [It squeezed itself, getting red and shook]
Woman: My Deepest Part of Me, please apology. You have to know that I'm killing half of myself
Strawberry Farm: Then... why you....
Woman: It's love, My Daydream, it's love.

[A Katana was pulled out. Wind shifted. Silent]

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