How to Deal with Blue Collar

No, I’m not an expert in this. On the contrary, I tend to get stressed and finally yell at them. But at least I can conclude some things from my mistakes I’ve made in developing my small business, regarding this blue collar issues. And hopefully will throw in some hints for business owners or future business owners.

  • Say it loud and clear! Never make dual meaning orders; expecting them to be able to define things by themselves is a big mistake. You have to even elaborate each order into details, on paper, and sometimes drawing an illustration helps!
  • A thousand options. If you ask them to copy a document by saying “Can you please go to the copy center next door and copy this for me?” it might ruin your mood soon. Instead, tell them this way: “Can you please go to the copy center next door and copy this for me? If it’s closed, go to the copy center near the market, if it’s closed too, go to the copy center in the mall, if it’s closed too, go to…….”
  • Don’t tell a secret. Unless you want it to be widely spread, just don’t.
  • Don’t listen too much. They won’t stop complaining till you completely ignore them. The more you listen to them, the more complaints you will get.
  • Don’t say anything about reward. They will be waiting for it till death. You’ll be loathed in the corner of hell successfully if you can’t make it.
  • Don’t smile too much. Not only crafting more wrinkles around your lips (and look older!) but it also makes them think you have a lot of money..
  • Add up a punishment to each order you give, they love pressure better than empowerment.
  • And… this is the last and most vital thing you have to remember. Better take a note and put it on your room’s door: Pin down a clear and strong colored banner on your forehead “I am THE BOSS”. Or else, they will forget it easily.

BSD, November 30, 2009
Herlia Adisasmita
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