I'm Online, Therefore I am

"Bangun tidur ku terus mandi, tidak lupa menggosok gigi, habis mandi ku tolong Ibu, membersihkan tempat tidurku” ("wake up and take a shower, don't forget to brush teeth, after shower I help mommy, cleaning up my bed")

Where do you think the song’s gone? Technology ground it into pieces.

Last week in the middle of a hollow phase of my weekend life, We—me and some friends—threw a so called party. Well, it wasn’t really a party, but let me call it that way, for life sake.

Nothing unusual happened; everybody sat calmly in the café, Facing our own gadgets, connected to a free wi fi. Silent revolution was started. Smiling and giggling, nobody talked. Thankfully we spoke finally, on Facebook. Nothing unusual, right?

We all were there, surrounding the same desk, and chose to meet on Facebook. Once in a while, a tissue paper ball flew from one side to another, when someone pulled other’s legs. Oh my.

Clock was ticking, night was too old for cute girls like my friends to go back to their homes. They decided to stay over the night in my house. After a lil chitchatting, we fell asleep. Coffee can’t beat us.

Early morning, I opened my eyes, in auto pilot mode, my hand scanned the cot trying to grab phone, blinked my eyes couple times and checked inbox. Like always, it was alive. I smiled and started typing to reply some messages.

Realizing that I slept with two other girls, I turned head to the right and left. Both were awake, holding their phones, smiling and typing. For the next half an hour, nobody jumped off bed.

I opened Facebook before getting up, all the girls’ status messages were updated.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I enjoy whatever the tech does to me. At least so far I do. I don’t like the song that much either.

*Remembering a friend of friend’s quote: Taggito Ergo Sum – I am tagged, therefore I am*

“Bangun tidur ku terus online, tidak lupa meng-update status…” ("wake up and go online, don't forget to update status...")

BSD, 21 Jan '10

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Uh Baby, It’s the Way You Wrap It!

Few weeks ago, I went to a client’s office (and got a pleasing entertainment watching how the front office girls behaved –yelling, making noises, talking dirty, you name it—in front of us, their guests) without any food in my stomach. Right after the meeting, I and a colleague ran to the nearest food stall area to rescue ourselves from fainting. There, something tickled my eyes (yes, they are tickle-able).

One thing I hate about food stall areas is street musicians (and beggars, but here, I didn’t find any). I do love music, too much in love with it, so when I listen to a wrecked version of it, I am hurt, I mean, my ears are. And most of those street musicians are just too proud of their unmelodious music style; so they tend to scream to make everybody hears them. Well of course I am exaggerating, but please let me enjoy this.


As predicted, a street musician came closer with his old guitar and his old styled pants. He stopped in front of a small group of girls sitting next to us. He smiled at them when I was getting ready to lose my appetite. Instead of picking his guitar strings, he spoke to them, “Excuse me, may I sing here?” The girls nodded, and he played his music. Meanwhile, my brain was hit big time. Oh my, he asked for permission?

After a five minutes long plain Indonesian song, he walked toward us and smiled again. “Excuse me, may I sing here?” For the first time in my life, I was holding the reward money for the marketer (correct, you didn’t miss-read it; marketer), even before he started singing.

Can’t you see it? Asking permission with a smile attached will prevent you from saying no. Even if you’re boorish enough to say it, he wouldn’t have to waste energy to do anything but smiling. After a yes, do you think you will let him go empty handed? :)

“Uuuu baby I love your way, every day… I wanna tell you I love your way… every day… I wanna be with you night and day… hey yaeya…”

-written in a luxury car belongs to a luxury friend-
February, 2010

(this is a copyrighted content. Re-posting, forwarding, copy-paste-ing, and or any using of this article should include my name on it).

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How to Deal with Blue Collar

No, I’m not an expert in this. On the contrary, I tend to get stressed and finally yell at them. But at least I can conclude some things from my mistakes I’ve made in developing my small business, regarding this blue collar issues. And hopefully will throw in some hints for business owners or future business owners.

  • Say it loud and clear! Never make dual meaning orders; expecting them to be able to define things by themselves is a big mistake. You have to even elaborate each order into details, on paper, and sometimes drawing an illustration helps!
  • A thousand options. If you ask them to copy a document by saying “Can you please go to the copy center next door and copy this for me?” it might ruin your mood soon. Instead, tell them this way: “Can you please go to the copy center next door and copy this for me? If it’s closed, go to the copy center near the market, if it’s closed too, go to the copy center in the mall, if it’s closed too, go to…….”
  • Don’t tell a secret. Unless you want it to be widely spread, just don’t.
  • Don’t listen too much. They won’t stop complaining till you completely ignore them. The more you listen to them, the more complaints you will get.
  • Don’t say anything about reward. They will be waiting for it till death. You’ll be loathed in the corner of hell successfully if you can’t make it.
  • Don’t smile too much. Not only crafting more wrinkles around your lips (and look older!) but it also makes them think you have a lot of money..
  • Add up a punishment to each order you give, they love pressure better than empowerment.
  • And… this is the last and most vital thing you have to remember. Better take a note and put it on your room’s door: Pin down a clear and strong colored banner on your forehead “I am THE BOSS”. Or else, they will forget it easily.

BSD, November 30, 2009
Herlia Adisasmita
(this is a copyrighted content. Re-posting, forwarding, copy-paste-ing, and or any using of this article should include my name on it).

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Do you know…
That your eyes spark like the spring water we found on the mountain?
That you move smoothly like a slow motioned fountain captured in our camera?
That your smile washes away every single thorn pinned inside my brain’s rifts?

Remembering you…
The only luxury I always wish for
The fruity flavors I always desire
The tranquility I always look for

Having you…
Pours fresh drizzle slowly into my nights
Layers my dreams from the nightmares
Lullabies my raged souls into deep sleeps

To the Deity of my Venus, my devotion is yours.

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Cheesy Riddle

She was an evil
She needed only god
to see her subsistence

She was a White Glider butterfly
She had never been discarded
Always felt like soaring to the highest overhang

Finally, she exists
She’s elevated to the highest mind, at last
There, she’s a bug

sipping cold coffee; "for half bottle of vodka, cheers!"

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back to coffin
back to the box

Soul's traveling
To the unknown deserts
8000 km away from the forest

back to coffin
back to the box

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The End

Like we promised to the king of forests, thirty six years ago
When the spirits were tied in one nirvana
After the vow, the wanderers climbed the cliffs
Dipped in deeply to the dark oceans
Crawled endlessly in the rainless deserts
Lost in a grey wired robot plantations

Like we promised to the queen of volcanoes, thirty one years ago
Once the moon gripped the core of the Earth
The adventurers took the jagged steps in rush
Created the distance, brick by brick
Broke down the concrete wide bridge between East and West
Built up the fence sky high

Like we promised to our own souls….
We found the place to store the thoughts
The yellow colored home with Italian kitchen
Sugarless coffee and spicy salad
Tasteless lemon juice and beef lasagna

We are bleeding, slashed and chopped
The wind found your smell inside my lung
The waves saw my reflection behind your pupils

In a shallow deep of field
...We are home

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