Lunch Menu

“I’m with her, sorry” a message appeared
A thousand nails attacked a song lyric on a piece of Word
She had been working too hard to fix the last verse
And almost forgot her lunch time till the phone beeped
“Yes of course, this is lunch time already,” she mumbled
She ate her lunch set and swallowed it slowly
Her so called “I’m with her, sorry” daily menu

Posted by Lia @ 3:57 PM

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Sori ya, Cok...

Posted by Blogger Dodol Surodol @ 7:49 PM #

Gue maapin ren... Gue tau ini bkn salah lu.. *gedubrak* :D
gue bingung, lu tau aja klo gue abis nulis.. Pdhl jarang bgt. Dasar banci internet!

Posted by Blogger Lia @ 9:24 PM #

Justru karena jarang, makanya gampang ketauan.

O, o, kamu ketauan...

Posted by Blogger Dodol Surodol @ 9:26 PM #
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